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Industrial Circulating Water Treatment Solution
Our circulating water treatment services offer comprehensive approaches to optimize your industrial water systems. Trust us to manage your water treatment needs.

HCZHUN is a high-tech enterprise with 16 years of experience in the field of water treatment disinfection and oxidation. We specialize in providing innovative solutions that help you achieve sustainable results in treating industrial circulating water.


Industrial circulating water refers to the water used in cooling systems, manufacturing processes, and other industrial applications, and it is critical to ensure that this water is free from harmful contaminants. The treatment process typically involves several stages, including filtering, demineralization, and pH adjustment. However, disinfection and oxidation are two of the most important steps in the process.


Disinfection involves the removal of harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and algae from the water. This step is critical to maintaining the health and safety of employees working in the industrial setting, as well as preventing contamination of the environment. Without effective disinfection, the water source can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, leading to an increase in the number of sick days taken by employees and a decrease in productivity.


Oxidation is the process of breaking down organic matter in the water through the use of chemicals such as chlorine or ozone. This step is important for removing impurities that cannot be removed through physical filtration alone, such as organic compounds, heavy metals, and pesticides. Oxidation also helps to neutralize the pH of the water, preventing corrosion of pipes and other components in the industrial system.


At HCZHUN, we provide a range of innovative solutions for water treatment, disinfection, and oxidation. Our team of experts has developed a range of advanced technologies that are designed to eliminate contaminants and improve the quality of industrial circulating water. We use the latest techniques, tools, and equipment to serve our customers in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.


In summary, the treatment process of industrial circulating water is complex and requires multiple steps to ensure that the water is safe for use. Disinfection and oxidation are two critical steps that must be performed carefully to remove harmful microorganisms and impurities. With HCZHUN as your partner, you can be confident that your water treatment needs are in safe hands.

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